Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do to get my website live?

The first step is to register your domain and sign the hosting agreement (which you will find in your Starter Pack). Thereafter you need to complete the website content submission, either via an online or offline application.

Who owns the domain name?

The person who purchases the starter pack and registers the domain will own the domain. Mi WEB will be the administrator of the domain.

Can I move my existing website to the Mi WEB platform?

No. You can, however, purchase a starter pack instore, complete the process and pay the annual fee. We will then move the domain name from your current host.

You can however transfer an existing domain and email account to Mi WEB, by providing us with your current registered domain name and active email accounts. You then have to notify your current service provider that your domain and email addresses are being transferred, in order for us to submit a transfer request to the registrar.

What is the difference between a website and a Facebook page?

A website is a collection of media presented via the internet on computers and mobile devices. Our designers use creative flair to create a website that is visually appealing and presents your information in the best possible light. It allows the user to give great much greater detail and content and is, therefore, a critical tool in making your business or entity highly visible.

Being without a website, is like not being listed in the old style phone book. You won’t be found!

Facebook is a social media platform that allows the user to post comments and share photos and links, in order to market a business. Regular updates are required, however, and it is difficult to ensure that followers see your posts. Facebook is a good tool to target specific audiences via a paid advertising campaign.

We represent the future of marketing. Print media and malls have had their day, if only on the grounds of cost. Direct selling, online, is here to stay and can only grow. We are the cheapest, most effective means of reaching out and explaining, to an unlimited market, who you are exactly, what you have to offer and on what terms.

Will people find me online?

Yes. If they search for you they will find you. Note that your new website (domain) can take a few weeks to be listed.

We also offer ‘SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION’ as an extra service, whereby we apply a number of strategies to enhance your ranking and search criteria, an example being a key word analysis to improve your search results. This costs R250 per year to administer.

Can I add as much information as I want to my website?

The Standard package allows for a fixed amount of information. You can, however, expand on this by using Extra pages or Add ons. These are charged separately at R250 each per year.

Can I replace: ‘Home’ – ‘Products or Services’ – ‘Contact’ – ‘Map location’ or ‘Social media links for any page extras or add ons as listed?

No. The Mi WEB website comes as a standard offer. If you want to add any other page or add on, this will be an extra priced at R250 each.

Can I change my website content myself?

No. Mi WEB will do any changes that you require. This is a free service provided once a month. Additions are limited to the current content only.

You will receive a unique link once your website is live, this link must be saved and used monthly to submit any changes or additions.

Can I get my emails on my phone?

Yes. We shall provide you with the setting needed. Your service provider’s customer care centre will also assist to setup the phone to receive emails.

Do you offer custom websites?

Yes. This is available for customers wishing to create a website that is designed specifically for their needs. This includes custom tools that customers may require for their business or entity. Design priced on request, starting from R5000. Enquire instore for further details.

Can I add extra pages or add ons at any time?

Yes. You can. However, a set fee of R250 shall apply irrespective of the months left before renewal. This is to cover the design and setup costs. Any extras shall share the anniversary date of the domain registration.

Can I cancel my Mi WEB Service at any time?

Yes, (includes the website, emails and the domain name), by giving 7 days written notice. However, no refund will be given for the balance of the annual period left.

Is the annual fee going to stay the same or escalate every year?

There will be an annual escalation. However, this shall not exceed 10%, unless the rate of inflation is deemed to have risen above that mark.

Can I pay monthly?

There are no monthly charges, only an upfront annual fee, payable each year.

Is there a time limit to order a website after the purchase of a starter pack?

No time limit. But the sooner you have a website the better as everyone needs one, just as they need a cellphone, or access to the internet.

Can Mi Office complete the website content submission for me?

Yes. The store may complete the order for a customer, at a fee of R500, limited to no more than 2 sessions of 45 min each. This will include the creation of content and the finding of suitable images.