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Note that you will need access to your Gmail address ( to verify the setup of your new domain email address.

  1. Browse to Gmail and log in
  2. Select the Settings icon from the top right menu, then choose Settings from the dropdown list
  3.  Select the Accounts and Import tab
  4. Select Add a mail account
    Enter your Email address, then Next
  5. Select the 2nd option and click Next
  6. Gmail will automatically add certain settings, but check that:
    1. The Username is the full email address
    2. The Password is included
    3. The POP Server has the the prefix before your domain name
    4. Other settings may be checked according to your personal preferences
  7. Select Add Account
  8. Your account has now been set up to receive your domain email, but you can now continue to set up the account to send mail from your domain. Select Yes and Next
  9. Untick Treat as an alias
  10. Select Next Step
  11. Send mail through your SMTP server? Select the 2nd option. The default setting is to send mail using Gmail SMTP servers, and while this will work, it is not recommended. The reasons are that Gmail servers are more likely to be blacklisted for spam abuse, and certain mail servers will not receive mail from domains that are not associated with that particular server. 
  12. The current dialogue box opens up to add the SMTP details. Ensure that:
    1. The SMTP Server has the the prefix smtp. before your domain name
    2. The Username is the full email address
    3. The Password is included
  13. Select Add Account
  14. Gmail will check credentials, and then provide the following dialogue box:
  15. Open your Gmail address mailbox ( and click the link on the confirmation email
  16. Confirmation success! Your domain mail is now setup to be accessed via Gmail.
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